Paritie Hub

We are in the forefront of providing individuals and groups with a collaborative platform to leverage on human resources and technology and provides us the opportunity to

Connect, Build and Innovate.

As an innovation hub, we strive to nurture viable ideas, support existing structures and proffer solution to the society using technology. At Paritie Hub, individual or groups can share our office area and facilities to achieve their set goals, maximize profit. We are aware some individuals might not be technology enthusiasts but would want to be involved, you can pay us a visit.

Why Paritie Hub?


No distractions. No temptations. Be more motivated to work in the company of like minds who are hardworking and focused like yourself while you hit those deadlines and grow your company.


Collaborative efforts cannot be overemphasized as we strive to develop skills, knowledge as well as experience. You could drag yourself to after-work networking event Or you could meet people that would be of help as the need arises.


Need a web designer? Need some help with digital marketing? Looking for some assistance on software/application development? Valuable expertise could be just a few desks away, saving you hours of frustration spent researching and re-inventing the best solution.


At the Hub, we strive to provide an invaluable experience that will improve productivity in your schedule. The choice of equipment is in line with best practice and standard for services we offer.

Power Supply

Internet Access


Access to library

Incubation + Acceleration

Invitation to Meetups

Private Meeting Room

Private Training Classes

Price Plans

We are committed to providing value for money with our subscription plans ( Daily, weekly and monthly ) and client specific plans that suit your needs as an individual or group. These plans are budget friendly and sensitive to the society.

Shared Desk

7,500/ Monthly
  • Internet Access
  • Power Supply
  • Work Space
  • Access to Library
  • Idea Incubation & Acceleration
  • Invitation to Meetup
  • Private Meeting Room

Dedicated Desk

16500/ Monthly
  • Internet Access
  • Power Supply
  • Work Space
  • Idea Incubation & Acceleration
  • Invitation to Meetup
  • Private Meeting Room


Paritie Hangout

13th - October

Paritie Ltd

Discourse on the Significance of Co Working space in Niger State and importance of Collaboration in Technology.

Minna Technology Meetup

17th - November

Nnamdi Okoro

Confidence as a tool for Self Discovery

Flutter Live Viewing Party

4th - 5 th - Dec.

Minna Technology Meetup

Flutter Live Viewing Party helped mobile developers get the latest information about the Google Software development tool that has been gaining in influence